Path Number 1

The persons with life path number one are very lucky because their life is lead by Sun God. They are socializing, self-confident, helpful and have a spirit full of energy.  Due to their determination and self-motivation, they will not let anything stand in their way in accomplishing a goal. People with life path one always…


Path Number 2

One may feel jealous of the luck of persons with life path 2.  They are lead by Moon God.  Therefore, they are soft hearted, emotional, sensitive, aware, creative, soft spoken and lead a very peaceful life.  Because of their sensitivity, gentleness and loving spirit, they make an excellent friend or lover. In their social life,…


Path Number 3

Number 3 is great number as it is lead by Ved Guru Juptier. Due to this, they   have leadership qualities in themselves. They are very selfish people and too much self-centered.  For their own benefit, they can even make friendship with their enemies. Their approach is very planned and calculative. i.e. where, what, when and…


Path Number 4

The persons with life path 4 are lead by Harshal planet ‘Harshal, a scientist discovered this planet therefore it is named after him.  These people are of special character.  Their life can experience unexpected and sudden ups and downs.  Everything like promotion, getting money, getting a job or even fired from job etc. happens all…


Path Number 5

The persons with life path 5 are led by Mercury. Like Mercury they are naturally versatile in their nature.  They are too advanced in their thinking.  The best thing about them is that they are very friendly.  Due to this they are never isolated.  These persons may get sudden or unexpected money.  They have the…


Path Number 6

These persons are led by Venus.  Venus is the brightest planer and therefore can be seen with naked eye. It has magnetic force, therefore persons with life path number 6 have an attraction power to attract other persons.  People love them very much.  Venus holds the romantic life of all people on earth.  These people…


Path Number 7

These persons are related to Neptune or Varun.  As this planet is related to water , persons with number 7 are cool minded.  They are one of their kind.  They are very strong and face all the difficulties with a smile. They live their life to the fullest.  This is a very spiritual number.  These…


Path Number 8

These persons are led by Saturn.  This planet denotes hard work.  The persons with life path number 8 lead a life full of struggle.  Their life is very difficult and prone to change. It is very difficult to understand number 8 as it is the combination of two zeroes (0) in Roman Language. They don’t…


Path Number 9

These persons are led by Mars.  This planet is shiny like fireworks.  This is an angry planet.  It is known as God of WAR.  Nobody can ever fool them, except with love.  They are not selfish and give selfless service.  They do not cheat anybody. Their domestic and family life is full of disturbance and…



Aries is governed by Mars.  The rashi includes Ashwani-Bhargi, Kritika Nakshatra. First charan of the persons belonging to this sign have medium height, wheatish complexion and glowing face. They are extremely ambitious.  They don’t get satisfied easily.  Patience, bravery, courage, vigilance, velour, struggle and pain are their real characteristics.  Because of their hard work, they…