Aries is governed by Mars.  The rashi includes Ashwani-Bhargi, Kritika Nakshatra. First charan of the persons belonging to this sign have medium height, wheatish complexion and glowing face. They are extremely ambitious.  They don’t get satisfied easily.  Patience, bravery, courage, vigilance, velour, struggle and pain are their real characteristics.  Because of their hard work, they are able to mange with their income and expenditure.  They are able to cross all kinds of obstacles and reach the goal.  There are many difficulties in business and property but still there are chances of benefiting from these.  They are prone to skin diseases, cough, headache, blood pressure and eye diseases.  These persons are good at sports, music etc.

Lucky Gemstone – Red coral (Moonga)

Lucky years – 16, 22, 28, 32, 36